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About Us

About Us

We have tens of thousands of resources authored by industry experts. We assure you the best quality at affordable prices as per the student requirement. We provide you full consulting support for Assignment, Synopsis and Project work within minimal time to enhance your skills & expertise you in the so called field.
It all started with an idea… The idea was of helping the students to deal with their education related matters in an efficient manner. We started off as a small company that wished to help students to deal with any and all education related queries. Now we have become a full-fledged organisation where students can come seeking answers to their educational problems rather than having to deal with it all by themselves.


We have a team of experts who have the mastery of all MBA Specialisations or fields like Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, International Business, Operations or Production Management, Insurance, Retail Management and so on so forth. You name the subject and we will have an expert resolving your queries. We have with us so many experts only because we believe that each subject is different and so the easiest way to learn each subject is by having a separate expert help the students dealing with education related issues.


We offer solutions to all your education related issues in a quick way. Once you contact us for our assistance then we would see to it that your education related queries are solved as soon as possible. We also work faster on student requests. For example: if you have an assignment or project or even a synopsis that is to be submitted within a few days and you are seeking help to solve it then we can help you to work within the deadlines by offering our expert assistance. We also believe in getting back to you as early as possible if we have missed your call for any reason. We also reply to your e-mails within one day so that you can get your education related issues solved and can also be free from any education related stress.


We know what’s it’s like to be a student who is constantly looking for approval from his teachers or professors and that is why we have modified our services in such a way that we are seeking your approval. We would make sure that all the assistance we are providing you is as per your expectations. We would like to have your opinion on anything and everything we do so that you can be assured that you are getting the best possible results. We would also help you to get approval from your university especially in case of developing a synopsis as we would work on it with you until the university approves your synopsis.


We know & understand that a student’s life is tough and thus they generally don’t have the time to go through a complicated process while seeking answers to their education related queries. That is the main reason behind us making the whole process of helping students a simple one. Our process begins when a student contacts us directly by phone or e-mail or by visiting our office and expresses his education related problem. We get to work by understanding his or her requirements as well as the guidelines of his or her university. Then we offer our expert help in completing his or her education related issues and lastly the payment for our services is made by the student via cash, cheque or internet banking. We assure you that all our services are very reliable and we are always ready to help you in the best way.


If you are wondering that before taking our help you should perhaps save some extra money to pay us, the stop worrying right now. We assure you that all our services are prices according to a student’s budget and thus can be very very economical. We are charging only a nominal fee for helping students like you because we understand that a student’s life can be very difficult sometimes. We aim at soothing you by assisting in solving your education related doubts rather than seeing you as a money source. Thus, all you need to do is to seek our help and see for yourself how affordable our high class services can be.


Yes, our website is appropriately named because we can solve any and all of a student’s doubts in such a manner that he will feel relieved. No problem pertaining to an assignment, project or synopsis is tough for our capable experts. They have gained so much experience in serving other students like you that now nothing is too big for them. They can help you in making the complicated tasks seem simple by simplifying the complex data as per your understanding. They also have expertise in doing so in the nick of time so that you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of precious time in deciphering the complex data by yourself.


This is the feature of our website that has got the most positive response from the student community. No matter if you are a student of an Indian or International University, you can still require help from us at any time. We understand that the time zones of the world are different so rather than setting an Indian timeframe in which a student can contact us, we have made ourselves available 24 by 7. A student also has the liberty to contact us 365 days a year, without having to worry about whether it’s a weekday or weekend. We are and will be, always there to resolve all your education related issues in an easy manner.
Now that you have read all about the benefits we are offering you among other educational help websites, we hope that you will at least give us a chance to serve you by visiting the contact us section of this website. You can also take the liberty of calling us on +91888-230-9876 or +91-80100-58890 or e-mailing us on
We are always hoping to get a call from you….so that we can solve your education related issues….