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IGNOU Solved Project

IGNOU  Solved Project For Student:

Distance Education is very popular these days and this has raised the number of students in reputed universities like IGNOU. If you are an IGNOU student who is looking for assistance in completing his Project or Synopsis or Assignment or IGNOU Solved Project then you can find it at study zone as our team of experts can help you in getting your IGNOU solved assignment delivered in an ideal way.

We deliver assistance in completing projects pertaining to different IGNOU Solved Project MBA and other ignou subjects such as Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, International Business, Finance, Retail Management,Operations/Production Management, Insurance, etc. 

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Course                        Project Code

MBA-                           MP-100

MCA -                          MCSP-060

BCA-                             CS-76

MADE-                        ES-320

MEC-                          MECP-001

MPA-                          MPAP-002

MSW-                         MSWP-001

MARD-                      MRDP-001

MTM-                        MTM-16

MLIS-                        MLIP-002

MSc-                          MFNP-012

MSc-                          MMTP-001

BTS-                          PTS-6 & PTS-4,5

BTCM-                     ET-500

BTWRE -                 ET-500

BTME-                     BMEP-001

PGDHE-                  MESP-105

PGDLAN-               MLIP-008

PGDRD-                 RDD-05

PGDHHM-            NA

PGDDM-               MPAP-001

PGDMRR-            MRRP-111

DCLE(G)-             BCEP-060

DAFE-                  BFEP-101

DCE-                    DCE-6

DCYP-                 CYP-08

DECE-                 DECE-4

DNHE-                DNHE-4

DTS-                    PTS-4,5,6

CES-                    PES-01

CCP-                   CCP

CHCWM-          BHMP- 003

BSc(NS)-           BNAP-021

DCLE-               BCEP-060

MBF -                MP-100

CTPM -            AMT-01

MVPP-001 - Post-Graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management (PGDFSQM) PROJECT REPORT AND SYNOPSIS SAMPLE DOWNLOAD