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amity MBA online solve assignment for Unix and Shell Programming


amity MBA online solve assignment for Unix and Shell Programming

Assignment A

1.Discuss the features of UNIX operating system that have made them such phenomenally successful Operating systems

2.What is shell programming? Write a shell program to print all the contents of an existing text file in upper case

3.Describe what the grep command does? Illustrate its use with an original example.

4.Write a shell program to generate the first “n” terms of the following sequence without using multiplication. 1 2 4 8 16 32………

5.What are filters? Give some examples of commands that can be used as filters

6.What are the different kinds of file systems available to UNIX operating system.

7.Write shell programs for the following:

i ) To find second largest number among the 5 numbers given.

ii)To find sum of all the alternate digits in a given 7 digit number.

iii). To count number of vowels in a given string.

To take 2 strings as input, concatenate them and display the length of the resultant string. To display the reverse of a given number.

1. Write the UNIX commands for the following

i) To display the sizes and names of the six largest files in /bin, listed in descending order of their size.

ii) To display the number of words in the last 250 lines of any file.

iii) To display the name of the oldest file (and only the oldest file) in the current working directory

iv) To show the number of all files and directories (including hidden ones, but not. or.) in the directory /bin.

v) Use the ps command, and the grep command, in a pipeline to find all the processes owned by you.

Assignment B

1.What is an i-node and what information is contained in it? Describe how named files are mapped to i-nodes.

2.How is the information associating disc blocks with i-nodes represented?

3.What restrictions are placed on name to i-node links to simplify file system recovery?

Assignment C

1.UNIX uses ls to list files in a directory. The corresponding command in MS environment is-- Options lf list c dir None of above

2.A file with extension .txt-- Options Is a text file created using vi editor Is a text file created using a notepad Is a text file created using word & b) above

3.What is POSIX? Options A standard operating system interface and environment A version of the UNIX operating system. A portable platform for Java programming A subsystem of Windows NT, 2000 and XP that isolates the Executive from 4.Which of the following files in the current directory are identified by the regular expression a?b*. Options afile aab abb abc

5.For some file the access permissions are modified to 764. Which of the following interpretation are valid? Options Every one can read, group can execute only and the owner can read and write. Every one can read and write, but owner alone can execute. Every one can read, group including owner can write, owner alone can execute None of above

6.The file’s properties in Windows environment include which amongst the following? Options File owners’ name File size The date of last modification Date of file creation

7.Which of the following information is contained in inode structure? Options The file size The name of the owner of the file The access permissions for the file All the dates of modification since the file’s creation

8.What are utilities? Options Peripherals that are connected to a computer. Operating system routines that execute in supervisor mode. Data structures that are part of the kernel of an operating system Shells, compilers and other useful system programs.

9.Which directory under the root contains the information on devices? Options /usr/bin /usr/sbin /usr/peripherals/dev /etc/dev

10.What is the command ‘mv’ used for in Unix? Options To display the files in current directory To rename a file To move to a different directory To open a file in the Main Viewer

11.What is the result of typing the command pwd? Options It allows you to change the password allows you to enter your password to log in It will display the name of your computer It will show your current location in the file system

12.Which unix command will display all files starting with an a? Options mv a* cd ls ls a*

13.Unix Operating System is-- Options Time Sharing Operating System Multi-User Operating System Multi-tasking Operating System All the Above

14.The program is known as _________ that interacts with the inner part of called kernel. Options Compiler Device Driver Protocol Shell

15.Identify the odd thing in the services of operating system-- Options Accounting Protection Error detection and correction None of above

16.Dead lock handling in ______ OS, the response time is very critical. Options Multitasking Batch Online Real-time

17.Software is a program that directs the overall operation of the computer facilitates its use and interacts with the user. What are the different types of such software? Options Operating system Language Compiler Utilities All of the above 18.PCB stands for-- Options Program Control Block Process Control Block Process Communication Block None of the above

19.The primary job of the operating system of a computer is to-- Options Command Resources Manage Resources Provide Utilities Be user friendly

20.Super computers typically employ-- Options Real time Operating system Multiprocessors OS Desktop OS None of the above 21.Which one of the following statements correctly describes the relationship between the processes and programs in a computer system at any given moment? Options Every program stored in secondary memory must be associated with a process. A different program must be associated with every process. Several programs may be associated with the same process. Several processes may be associated with the same program.

22.Multiprogramming systems -- Options Are easier to develop than single programming systems Execute each job faster Execute more jobs in the same time Are used only on large main frame computers

23.Multiprocessing-- Options Make the operating system simpler Allows multiple processes to run simultaneously Is completely understood by all major computer vendors Allows the same computer to have the multiple processors

24.Which is not the state of the process? Options Blocked Running Ready Privileged

25.The operating system of a computer serves as a software interface between the user and the- Options Hardware Peripheral Memory Screen

26.A process is-- Options Program in execution A concurrent program Any sequential program Something Which Prevents Deadlock

27.The kernel of the operating system remains in the primary memory because-- Options It is mostly called (used) It manages all interrupt calls It controls all operations in process It is low level

28.Which of the following statement is not true? Options Multiprogramming implies multitasking Multi-user does not imply multiprocessing Multitasking does not imply multiprocessing Multithreading implies multi-user

29.The term “Operating System " means-- Options A set of programs which controls computer working The way a computer operator works Conversion of high-level language in to machine level language The way a floppy disk drive operates 30.What is a shell? Options It is a hardware component It is a command interpreter It is a part in compiler It is a tool in CPU scheduling

31.The operating system manages-- Options Memory Processor Disk and I/O devices All of the above

32.chown means-- Options Changes the mode of operation to kernel mode Creates a thread Changes the users and/or group ownership of each given file Creates a child process

33.The process which terminates before the parent process exits, is called as-- Options Zombie Orphan Child None of above

34.Identify the point(s) that is not true w.r.t. signals-- Options Signals are software generated interrupts that are sent to a process when an event happens Signal delivery is analogous to hardware interrupts in that a signal can be blocked from being delivered in the future. Most signals are synchronous by nature. Most signal cause termination of the receiving process if no action is taken by the process in response to the signal

35.---------Works as a command interpretor. Options Hardware Kernal Shell CPU

36.An important task that the operating system performs is____, which keeps track of the files stored on a PC so that they can be retrieved when needed Options File management File listing File recovery Disk management

37.The means by which an operating system or any other program interacts with the user is called-- Options user login program front-end user interface programming interface

38.---------- was originally developed at AT&T Bell Labs as an operating system Options Linux 2.Solaris 3.Mac OS X 4.UNIX

39.For multiprogramming systems, most UNIX operating systems use-- Options Swapping Demand paging Either (a) or (b) Neither (a) nor (b)

40.What are the tasks of an Operating System? Options To manage all hardware and software resources To Allow creation of documents, images and music To provide a user interface All of the above

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