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IBMS solve assignment for MASS COMMUNICATION

IBMS solve assignment for MASS COMMUNICATION Total 100 Marks:- Q.1.A) What are the problems encountered by communicating on a mass scale? B) What is mass culture? Write a critical account of the concept? C) Distinguish between Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations. Q.2.A) Write critical note on: a) Magazine Genres. b) The Power of the Press. c) The McBride Report. d) Restrictions on Press freedom in India. B) Write out a news report on an important meeting or function you have attended, Using the invested pyramid structure. C) How has film censorship affected the content of mainstream commercial cinema? Q.3.A) How successful has film Division’s documentary in playing the role of an opinion -making force? B) What are the characteristics of documentary films? What has been the Achievement of the film division in the area of documentary films? C) What has been the role of advertising in TV programme and scheduling? Q.4.A) How has cross-border satellite TV revolutionized the media scenario in India? 1.B) Write on the different types of puppetry popular in India? 2. C) Name the major folk theatre forms in Maharashtra? Discuss any two of them? Q.5.A) Write short notes on: a) Lawani Powada. b) Warkari Harikatha. c) The role of the sutradhara in folk theatre. d) Use of the folk media for literacy campaigns. B) What is the AIDCA formula? Does it work? dear student if you want this solved assignment the please kindly email me for request of solved assignment on my email id solve after received your email with your qustion atteched then we can reply you price of solve this assignment

Year:  2015