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A book shop buys and sells books. It buys books from book suppliers in Bulk (minimum order is of 10 copies of books). On receiving the order of books from the suppliers the book shop gives a unique ID to every book that it gets in the store (please note that copies of a book have same ISBN number but different ID). The book shop sells the books to the customers. A customer can order the book either online by selecting various titles and number of copies, or on a counter. An order may include many books. A customer must register before placing the order. The order can be delivered at the address of the customer. The customers are ranked as per the amount of previous orders with the book store. Even special discount of 5% is offered to customers who have made a total purchase of INR 5000 or more with the book shop in the past 2 years. The book shop also analyses the data in such a way that purchase of books from suppliers are initiated well in time. You may study similar type of requirements relating to a book shop offering online services and perform the following tasks:
Which Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) will you propose for the specification given above? Justify you selection by evaluating suitability of at least two SDLCs.
(10 Marks)
What would be major costs of the system? What may be the financial benefits of installing such a system? Perform a cost-benefit analysis for the proposed software. List the major tasks and milestones of the Project and make a project schedule. You schedule must include both GANTT and PERT charts. Explain the two charts drawn by you.
(10 Marks)
Study the system and create a software requirement specification. You must identify either the processes or objects while analyzing. During the analysis give consideration to possible input and output of the processes. After identifying the requirements, create Analysis Models. You may either use the classical approach and draw Entity relationship diagram and data flow diagrams (DFD’s) up to level 2-3; or you may take object oriented analysis approach and create class diagram, use case diagram, use cases etc.
(10 + 15 Marks)
Design the system architecture and the database as per the needs of the system. You must perform normalization on tables up to 3rd normal form. The table design must include Primary and Foreign keys and constrains. Create the system flow chart or detailed process design and state transition diagrams. Also design the user input screens and output report formats.
(15 + 10 Marks)
Design various unit test cases for different testing techniques/strategies.


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