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JNU-JAIPUR SOLVE ASSIGNMENT (Business Environment) MBA-101 2019

                                                                                                        SECTION - A

Q. 1. Attempt the following (any 6) : 6 × 5 = 30

(i) What is the goal of any business ?

(ii) What are different types of environments in which a business works?

(iii) What factors offect economic environment?

(iv) What is meant by mixed economy in context of India?

(v) What is fiscal policy?

(vi) How does cultural environment affect is business?

(vii) What is meant by liberalization?

(viii) How does technological environment affect growth of business?

(ix) What is WTO?

(x) Define small scale Industries

                                                                                                       SECTION - B 

Q. 2. What factors influence economic environment? What is the environment in India? 

Q. 3. What is the role of PSUs in Indian economy?

Q. 4. What is meant by divestment, privatization & nationalization? Compare all there. 

Q. 5. What role do small scale industries play in economy?

Q. 6. What is India's current EXIM policy? How does it affect growth of local business? 

Q. 7. What is meant by balance of trade & balance of polyments? How do these affect the foreign exchange rates?

Q. 8. What is the New Economic Policy adopted by India in 1991?