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JNU-JAIPUR SOLVE ASSIGNMENT (Human Resource Development) MBAHRM / DHRM-108 2019

                                                                                                  SECTION - A 

Q.1 Answer the following questions (any six)

 i) Explain the HRP definition.

ii) What is HRD audit?

iii) What is the challenges and goals of HRD?

iv) Explain HRD Department structure

. v) What are the preventive and corrective actions?

vi) Explain importance of HRD for workers.

vii) Write a short note on audit result.

viii) What is the role of HRD audit in business improvement?

ix) What is HRD systems?

x) What do you mean by evolution?  

                                                                                                             SECTION - B

Attempt any four questions

Q.2 Explain the challenges and goals of HRM.

Q.3 What is designing HRD audit process? explain.

Q.4 Elaborate the functions of developing Global managers

 Q.5 What is importance of international managers for HRD system?

Q.6 Write the difference between functions and staffing.

Q.7 Explain about HRD climate in detail?

Q.8 What do you mean by HRIS? Explain the roles of HRD.