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JNU-JAIPUR SOLVE ASSIGNMENT (Managerial Economics) MBA-103 2019


                                                                                                    SECTION - A

Q. 1. Attempt the following (any 6) :

 (i) What is the scope of managerial economics?

(ii) Discuss about various classification of market.

(iii) What is indiffferent curve?

(iv) What is the law of supply?

(v) List different factors of production.

(vi) What is marginal cost?

(vii) List features of oligopoly.

(viii) What is national income?

(ix) Discuss role of agriculture in national economy.

(x) What is fiscal defecit?

                                                                                                              SECTION - B

Attempt any four questions :

Q2. What are the features of monopolistic competition market? How is price determined?

Q3. What is the role of service sector in Indian econoy?

Q4. What economic reforms did India introduced in 1991?

Q5. What is (a) Privatization (b) Disinvestment?

Q6. What are different functions of money?

Q7. What is the role & functions of RBI?

Q8. What are laws of demand and supply? What is menat by elasticity of demand and supply?