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JNU-JAIPUR SOLVE ASSIGNMENT (Organization Behaviour) MBA-102 2019

                                                                                                      SECTION - A

Q. 1. Attempt the following (any 6) : 6 × 5 = 30

(i) What is the purpose of management?

(ii) What are basic functions of a manager?

(iii) Define strategic management

(iv) What are features of centralizaed management?

(v) Discuss relationship betweden planning & control?

(vi) Discuss the concept of authority.

(vii) What is organizational behaviour?

(viii) Define diversity in an organization

. (ix) What is emotional intelligence?

(x) What is motivatIon?

                                                                                                    SECTION - B

Attempt any four questions : 

Q. 2. Discuss in detail modern theories on motivation. 

Q. 3. What are formal & informal groups? What are their features any why are they important?

Q. 4. What is a team? What are its features and how do they help achieve organizational goals?

Q. 5. What are ethics and how do they shape an organization culture?

Q. 6. Describe henrifayols in principles of modern management

Q. 7. What is planning process and how doe it help in decision making?

Q. 8. What are different staffing and recruitment methods?