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JNU-JAIPUR SOLVE ASSIGNMENT (Organization Development & Change) MBAHRM / DHRM-105 2019

                                                                                                     SECTION - A

Q.1 Answer the following questions (any six)

 i) Explain client system.

ii) What is group dynamics?

iii) What do you understand by client relationship?

iv) What do you mean by industrial training?

v) Describe about parallel learning structures.

vi) Write a very short note on nature planned changes.

vii) What is Impact of organization.

viii) Describe about parallel learning structure.

ix) Explain about carres anchors.

x) What do you understand by inter group dynamics. 

                                                                                                               SECTION - B 

Attempt any four questions

Q.2 Explain the history of organization development.

Q.3 Explain the classification team Invertation.

Q.4 What are the phases of development efforts.

Q.5 Explain about the issues in organization.

Q.6 Explain the organization development.

Q.7 Write short note on: i) organization development ii) The nature group system

Q.8 What is action research? Explain its history and varieties of action research