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JNU-JAIPUR SOLVED ASSIGNMENT (Financial Management) MBA-109 2019

                                                                                                     SECTION - A         

Q.1 Answer the following questions (onlysix)

 i) Explain the importance of financial management.

ii) Discuss the functions of cost of capital.

iii) What is unsystematic risk.

iv) Explain the concept of Return.

v) State the advantages of debentures.

vi) Distinguish between equity and Bond financing.

vii) What are economic order quantity?

viii) List and explain the sources of dividend policy.

ix) Discuss the various determinants of financial ratio analysis.

x) Differentiate turnover ratio and performance ratio. 

                                                                                                         SECTION - B 

Attempt any four questions

Q.2 Write short note on:

i) Just in time (JIT)

ii) VED classification

Q.3 Discuss the broad areas of financial ratio analysis.

Q.4 Why inventory management are important? Discuss principles of inventory management.

Q.5 Define miller and orr model.

Q.6 Write short note on:

i) Capital redemption reserve(CRR)

ii) Balance of payment (BOP)

Q.7 Explain the stages and steps involved in the modern approaches to cash management.

Q.8 Explain how managing cash flows is explain through

: i) Baumol model

ii) Miller model 

Financial Management