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Note – The Assignment is divided into 2 sets. You have to answer all questions in both sets. Average score of both assignments scored by you will be considered as your IA score. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. 

Q. No Questions Marks Total Marks 1 Identify and explain the problems in E-Marketing. Explanation of problems in E-Marketing. 10 10 2 There are several stages that take place before the product reaches a customer, explain the process of online buying. Explanation of the stages. 10 10 3 List and explain the Internal and External Considerations in Situational Analysis. a) Explanation of Internal Considerations. b) Explanation of External Considerations. 5 5 10 


Q. No Questions Marks Total Marks 1 What is direct response marketing? Explain its features and forms. a) Explanation of Direct Response Marketing b) Features c) Forms 2 2 6 10 2 What are Blogs? List its Advantages and Disadvantages. a) Definition of Blogs b) Advantages of Blogs c) Disadvantages of Blogs 2 4 4 10 3 Explain E-CRM (E-Customer Relationship Management). Elucidate the prerequisites of E-CRM. a) Explanation of E-CRM 5 10 


b) Prerequisites of E-CRM 5 

University:  SMU