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NMIMS SOLVE ASSIGNMENT FOR Organisation Theory, Structure and Design JUNE 2019

1. Value for Money is a modern-day Fintech company with a work force of 300 people.
The promoters have been stalwarts of the banking sector with a work experience of
more than 30 years. The company has a lot of millennials and promoters are worried
about creating a sustainable and productive work culture. Which are the factors that

2. Hitech Solutions Ltd. is an upcoming IT solutions company. Their performance for past
3 years has been good, however performance has dipped this year. The CEO wants the
strategy team to carry out a VRIO analysis. Which type of technique is VRIO? Conduct
a VRIO for Hitech. Make assumptions where ever necessary. in spite of challenging
market conditions. If the management decides to use the Historical analysis, which type
of tool are they considering?

Q.3. a. Explain any 4 types of organizational structures with an example.

Q.3.b. Give an example of any organization that has gone through the phases of
organizational life cycle.

University:  NMIMS Year:  2015