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NMIMS SOLVE ASSIGNMENT Strategic Management September 2019

Mr. Ashish appoints you as a consultant for M/s Swadeshi that deals in manufacturing and selling clothes online and offline stores. The company plans to give competition to brands like Manyavar and Mohey. The company plans to provide quality product at lower price. The company plans to save lot of cost because of online selling. The website URL is The Company differentiates itself by selling only Indian Traditional clothes for all age groups. 

1. As a consultant you have been asked to prepare a STEEP analysis report and present the findings to the top management.

2. Analyze the business from Porter’s approach to industry analysis perspective.  

3. Answer the below questions:

a. Prepare a SWOT Analysis for

 b. Explain any two types of forecasting techniques that company should use for analyzing future demand. Explain the same with reason. 

University:  NMIMS