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NMIMS Solved assignment for Compensation & Benefits 2019

1. XYZ Ltd is a newly set up Pharma Company with a factory in Surat and head office in Mumbai. You are hired as a compensation consultant. The first task you have is to help the company set up the compensation system. Which types of compensation will form the part of your recommended compensation system?

2. VICTORY Ltd is a newly set up IT firm in India. You are an HR Manager of the firm and one of your early responsibilities is to set up a compensation system for which you are deciding to conduct a compensation survey. Which steps will you suggest for the same?

3. LMC Pvt Ltd is a recently set up Medium Enterprise operating in the IT sector. The company has 50 employees in which 20 are females. Company has decided to offer benefits to its employees. In this background, answer the following questions.

a. Which women employee benefits the company has to provide? 

b. What fringe benefits the company can provide? 

University:  NMIMS Year:  2015