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NMIMS Solved assignment for Data Driven Marketing Strategy june 2019

1. “Marketist” is about marketers who operate like a “Scientist” doing lab experiments.

 How are marketers transforming into marketist?

 Explain types of marketing testing. For what all channels can you use A/B tests? (10 Marks)

2. “Star schema is how marketing DB is organized”. Explain the importance of this statement with a specific industry example of  different customer data sources and types,  integrating data, segmentation of customers and target data,  decay rate of data, progressive enrichment, and growing by size. (10 Marks

3. Case Study: Mr. Santosh Subramanian is really tensed post his interaction with his Chartered Accountant, this morning. It was a rainy day in Bangalore, on mid Feb 2017 - and in Kannada they call these early monsoon rains as mungaru male. Instead of enjoying the rains, Santosh sounded very worried. The reason is how his CA narrated about the upcoming GST introduction in India. The CA went on to say that from July 2017, instead of filing one monthly return for his company Santosh Associates - a mid-sized growing organization, we have to file 3 returns - a nightmare. Instead of just reporting the tax collected and paid, we need to report sales and purchase. The final nail in the coffin went as his CA explained that if your vendors don’t file GST returns in time, you will not be able to take credit for the GST paid. It felt as if Santosh is going to be pushed into an endless dark tunnel. The only choice left to Santosh is to research more about GST. Start maintaining the sales and purchase ledgers more seriously. And maybe time for an ERP? He wasn't sure and completely perplexed. If you are the marketing head of an ERP company for SMB, 

a. What data driven marketing campaign will you run? What will be the elements of such a campaign? (5 Marks)

b. Explain what data you will collect, sources you will look for, and based on data craft messages you will deliver, imageries, offers and call to action you will employ. And how will the dashboard look like to track and deliver results. (5 Marks)


University:  NMIMS