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NMIMS SOLVED ASSIGNMENT FOR Financial Institutions and Markets JUNE 2019

1. Mukesh wants to invest and diversify his portfolio in mutual funds, bonds and debentures.
Since he is unaware with these financial products, he seeks advise from the Relationship
Manager. As a relationship manager guide Mukesh on the above options stating the pros and
cons of each of the investment vehicle.

2. Anita established a new software company. She is in need of capital for the company. Anita is
unaware as to how she can raise fresh capital from the primary market. As a friend of Anita
help her to know the various sources from which she can raise capital from the primary market.

3. a. Kabir has recently joined his dream company, SEBI. Since he is a fresher, his manager asks
him to prepare a presentation on the role of SEBI in the financial market. Help Kabir with his

3. b. In order to highlight the role played by regulatory bodies, Kabir ‘s manager also asked him
to analyse and present the role played by regulatory bodies in the “Harshad Mehta Scam” which
shook the entire economy of our nation.

University:  NMIMS Year:  2015