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Nmims solved assignment for Insurance and Risk Management June 2019

1. India has one of the lowest Insurance penetration rates in the world. Given this fact, if you were
to take over as the CEO of a brand new private sector Insurance company “We Ensure You”
that is about to commence its operations shortly. Prepare a presentation to presented in front of

the board members on the future of health Insurance market in India and how this company
would contribute in creating awareness among the people about the health insurance.

2. Kiran is appointed as a life Insurance Agent in a renowned Insurance company. In order to
acquire and expand her client base she is required to prepare a presentation on the needs for
buying life insurance policy. Discuss the Needs for buying the life Insurance Plan which she
may use for designing the presentation.

3. Shyama after completing her MBA from a renowned college got placed as an assistant manager
in a Risk Management Department of an Insurance firm.
a. Shyama’s manager ask her to give a short presentation on the concept of Risk Management
and its objectives.

b. Also she has to discuss the various techniques of Risk Management. Help Shyama with her

University:  NMIMS