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NMIMS SOLVED ASSIGNMENT FOR International Business JUNE 2019

1. Hojibo and Go-on-tour are the two biggest Online Travel Aggregators in the Indian landscape.
Stiff competition and excessive cash burn made them come together by merging both the
companies and forming a new entity called Ho-GOT. You are the Chief Human Resource
Officer (CHRO) of the Group Company. Founders of Hojibo and Go-on-Tour decided to build
a new culture in Ho-GOT which would be different from both the earlier companies and thus

entrusted you with this task. Being the CHRO you are aware that this would require huge
cultural change in the organization.
Discuss the various phases involved in the cultural change of an organization. Also elaborate
some of the factors that facilitate cultural change in an organization.

2. RV Shoes is a dominant player in domestic footwear market. Mr. Singh is the owner of the
company and a first generation entrepreneur. He now wants to go global with his brand but is
not sure of the ways to enter International Market. Discuss the various ways to enter
International Market and explain the pros and cons of each way which would help Mr. Singh
to devise his strategy.

3. Hodrej is in the business of manufacturing and selling home safes. Business Head of Hodrej
wants to promote his products in international market.
a. Being the Marketing Manager for Hodrej briefly explain the steps involved in international
marketing process.

b. As the Product Head for Hodrej you have been entrusted with the task to devise pricing strategy
for your products to maximize sales and profits. Describe some of the commonly used
international pricing strategies which could be used to achieve your marketing goal and

University:  NMIMS Year:  2015