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NMIMS Solved assignment for : Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection 2019

1. With corporate houses facing major problems of low productivity, low sense of belongingness towards the organization, higher employee turnover; do you think performance counselling can be useful in addressing any of these issues? How? 

2. The recruitment landscape has been changing rapidly. From newspapers, campus recruitments, trade unions and referrals to recruitment through social and professional networking platforms. What according to you are the advantages and limitations of using these modern methods for recruitment? 

3. ABC is a reputed retail brand. It is into the business of apparel for men, women and kids. The brand has exclusive stores as well as counters in malls and departmental stores like Shoppers Stop, Central, etc. The front-line staff is regularly being trained on product knowledge, but no behavioral skills as such. Considering the steep targets set from April 2019, the training manager wants to start the behavioral trainings calendar.

a. How should he go about planning and executing this initiative? 

b. What should be the topics on which the staff should be trained and what methods for each do you recommend? 

University:  NMIMS Year:  2015