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NMIMS solved assignment for Strategic Management june 2019

Case: M/s Ximi wants to enter in the washing machine and refrigerator market in India. The company has earned a lot of reputation in the global market. The company is known for low priced segment and delivers the best quality. The service is the best in the world. The response time to customer problems is less than 24 hours. 

1. The CEO appoints you as a consultant to analyze the external environment for the Ximi Brand. Analyze. 

2. Discuss the various types of business models and suggest the one that should be implemented by M/s Ximi for their product launch in India. Explain the same with reason. 

3. a. Explain various functional strategies that M/s Ximi can adopt to improve and maximize the resource productivity. (5 Marks)

3. b. Explain any five CSR activities that the company should undertake in India to benefit its stakeholders. (5 Marks)

University:  NMIMS Year:  2015