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Pais Industries Limited Operates in Five Business Verticals viz. Engineering

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Course: Information Systems for Managers

Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2020 Examination


1. Pais Industries Limited operates in five business verticals viz. engineering, construction, instrumentation, software services, and consumer electronics. Its Corporate Information Technology Division (CITD) is looking for adopting cloud and has invited you to provide recommendation for cloud deployment model. You are required to provide a brief report

explaining pros and cons of each cloud deployment model and recommend the most appropriate deployment model. (10 Marks)

2. With the number of transactions increasing online daily, cyber-crime is gaining foothold. Individuals and organizations need to take measures to ensure that they do not fall prey to such vicious activities. Cybercriminals have found different ways in which they can cause harm to the users. Give two examples of any organizations being prey to cyber-crime in 2019. (10 Marks)

3. The Sadpat Group started operations in the year 1992 with a vision to provide unparalleled quality service to a spectrum of Maritime and Oil & Gas Industry. Sadpat is now one of the major players in Dry Docking and Ship Repair in India. Sadpat has also become a formidable group in providing offshore logistics to support the Oil and Gas industry. Recently a company that makes ERP software has approached them to provide a complete solution so that it can integrate its business processes. They wish to invest in a solution which will enable them to manage all their activities namely offshore engineering, offshore logistics, coastal logistics and port services, dry docking and ship repairs and inland waterways.

a. What are the benefits of implementing an ERP software that the software company needs to highlight? (5 Marks)

b. In your opinion, what challenges do you think Sadpat may face while implementing an ERP package? (5 Marks)


University:  NMIMS
Information Systems for Managers